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The Vetting of an Art and Antiques Fair, What is it and Why?

It has long been standard practice at all major international fine art and antique fairs, for all exhibits to be examined before the fair opens by panels of advisers. This is to ensure that they are accurately described and of a quality to justify their exhibition at a prestige event.

There are separate Honorary Vetting Committees for each category. The membership of each committee is drawn from leading authorities in their respective fields and includes many museum curators.

There are two main reasons for vetting:

Firstly, the public need to be reassured that all items have been examined by the Honorary Vetting Committees to ensure, as far as possible, that they conform to the regulations laid down. Every article must be authentic and of the period stated. As potential purchasers may not have sufficient expertise themselves in a particular category, this assurance of authenticity will, we hope, inspire the confidence to buy.

Secondly, vetting offers a guarantee to the exhibitors and to the public that standards are being maintained at a high level. It is crucial to the commercial and academic success of such an event that its reputation, for only having the best in all categories, is never compromised. In this way, the integrity of the fair and the reputation of the exhibitors is ensured.

Our thanks to all the members of the Honorary Vetting Committees for their help and co-operation.