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About the Fair / The International Show

The International Show, formerly The International Fine Art & Antiques Show, founded in 1989, was New York's first vetted fair and remains one of the world's most prestigious art and antique fairs.  The glamorous, world-class showcase consistently attracts leading international dealers with an outstanding selection of superb works of art, featuring everything from antiquities to contemporary art.  Categories represented include silver, arms and armour, bronzes, rare books, carpets, ethnographica, furniture, garden furniture, glass, jewellery, maps, manuscripts, marine artefacts, pictures, porcelain, pottery and sculpture.  All items are for sale under the strictest vetting conditions. 

Opening Hours:
Friday, 21st October:11am - 7.30pm

Saturday, 22nd October: 11am - 7.30pm

Sunday, 23rd October:11am - 6pm

Monday, 24th October:11am - 7.30pm

Tuesday, 25th October: 11am - 6pm

Wednesday, 26th October:11am - 7.30pm

Thursday, 27th October:11am - 6pm




Book Tickets

$25 (Tickets available on the door).
All bags, backpacks and tote bags must be checked.

The Park Avenue Armory,
Park Avenue at 67th Street,
New York,

New York:+ 1 212 642 8572
London:+ 44 (0)20 7389 6555
Organisers Office:+1 646 619 6030 (from 19th October)

New York:+ 1 212 877 0066
London:+ 44 (0)20 7389 6556

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