An amazing seminar...listening to so many interesting talks
— Andreino d'Agliano, 2018
The range of topics, and the eminence and knowledge of the other speakers, was a revelation to me
— Rose Kerr, 2018
Warmest congratulations on another very successful...seminar with interesting papers filled with new and exciting information on any number of topics. What a complete triumph
— Robert D Mowry, 2018
A great seminar - serious speakers
— Marie-Laure de Rochbrune, 2018
It was a memorable couple of days and there can’t have been anyone present who didn’t learn a lot
— Timothy Schroder, 2018
Pleasure to be some old friends and meet some new ones
— Philippa Glanville, 2018
Seminar was simply outstanding...a diverse and interesting mix of speakers
— Meredith Chilton, 2018
Wonderful seminar and an honour to be part of it. Thank you for keeping the tradition alive, and taking it into the future
— Claudia Lehner-Jobst, 2018