A taste for the exotic in Florence and its impact on early Doccia porcelain (1737-1757)

Dottoressa Andreina d’Agliano

Cobalt blue was the main enamel colour used on the earliest of the Ginori porcelain using “Stampino“ to imitate both Oriental blue and white and the soft paste Medici porcelain, made in Florence in 1575 at the Court of Francis l. Oriental ceramics were highly collected in Florence in the first quarter of the 18th century and were collected by the Gran Principe Ferdinando, Grand Duke Gian Gastone and the Electress Palatine Anna Maria and other important Florentine families such as the Gerini, Franceschi and Ginori. The lecture will compare the early Ginori porcelain and its iconographical relationship with oriental porcelain. It will also reveal the trade with the Middle Eastern market through corroboratory 18th century documents from the Ginori archives.

Haughton International Ceramics Seminar 2018 at Christie's

G Haughton