Josiah Wedgwood's Ornamental sales to France through agents Dominique Daguerre and Henry Sykes

Diana Edwards

By 1787 Josiah Wedgwood's earthenware, or creamware, as well as his ornamental jasper and basalt had been exported throughout Europe for more than a decade. It seems from documents in the Wedgwood archives that French interest in Wedgwood's wares was particularly active just prior to the French Revolution, starting around 1785. Wedgwood employed two principal agents in Paris to look after French orders, marchand-mercier Dominique Daguerre and an Englishman named Henry Sykes. Both agents dealt with earthenwares as well as ornamental jaspers and basalts but this talk will concentrate on the ornamental wares sold to the nobility and Royal Family.

Haughton International Ceramics Seminar 2018 at Christie's

G Haughton